Thursday, March 12, 2009

House Rules

This one’s for the married or co-habitating guy. We would love it if you followed these simple HOUSE RULES:

What comes from the garage, stays in the garage.
TSRH (This Stuff Really Happened)….Lisa’s came home to a strange smell wafting out of the kitchen and found boat parts cooking in the oven, on the racks, emitting who-knows-what in the space she would cook his dinner in. Bad man skills!

What belongs in the kitchen does not go out to the garage, the driveway or the yard for some filthy or disgusting job, and the return to the kitchen. You can use a utensil from the kitchen and buy your girl a new one though!

Wash your hands after working on the car or the boat, woodworking, landscaping, etc….BEFORE sticking your hand in the chips bag.

If she makes you a meal at the table eat it without talking on the phone, working on your laptop or doing something else. And thank her...for extra credit.

First Date Man Skills

OK, this is easy, mostly common sense, so we’ll keep it short. Here’s a TO DO list.


Shower, dress well (have a girl approve the outfit if possible), smell good (but not too strong), and brush your teeth before the date.

Be on time.

Turn off your cell phone.


Ask her about herself.

If there is food involved chew with your mouth closed.

Pay. If she tries to pay, even for her share, don’t let her!

Walk her to her vehicle (all the way!) or her door. If you had a good time, say so.

Give her your number…..leave the ball in her court. If she wants to reciprocate, she will….or she may call later.

Follow her lead as to whether you are shaking hands, hugging, or just smiling Good-bye. Don’t expect a kiss…unless you are Lenny Kravitz or someone!