Thursday, March 12, 2009

First Date Man Skills

OK, this is easy, mostly common sense, so we’ll keep it short. Here’s a TO DO list.


Shower, dress well (have a girl approve the outfit if possible), smell good (but not too strong), and brush your teeth before the date.

Be on time.

Turn off your cell phone.


Ask her about herself.

If there is food involved chew with your mouth closed.

Pay. If she tries to pay, even for her share, don’t let her!

Walk her to her vehicle (all the way!) or her door. If you had a good time, say so.

Give her your number…..leave the ball in her court. If she wants to reciprocate, she will….or she may call later.

Follow her lead as to whether you are shaking hands, hugging, or just smiling Good-bye. Don’t expect a kiss…unless you are Lenny Kravitz or someone!

1 comment:

  1. I don't disagree with these rules, but feel that being the new millenium, we should expect women to adhere to many of these same rules. The "pay" thing is debatable; however, I'm old-school. I will resists a woman's attempts to pay. but only for so long. Eventually, I will give in. Phone-numbers? I'm guessing if you're on a date, they have been exchanged already. And kissing? Why do I need to follow a lead. Maybe i'm not ready for a kiss. I think parts of a date need 100% approval. Kissing is just one of them.