Monday, May 18, 2009

Man Skills Hall of Fame

This is one of those stories for the Hall of Fame...and TSRH! (This Stuff/Sh_ _ Really Happened!) Guys can, in fact should, copy Hall of Fame skills. Your girl doesn't care if you invented it, just that you did it for her. Here's what happened:

Lisa, 4 and 1/2 months pregnant, was opening a second branch of her business along with her business partner. The week was crazy leading up to the grand opening night with a big party days off, marketing, organizing, decorating, running the first place as usual, etc. So, then it's the grand opening night. Lisa's husband had barely seen her all week. He called to ask if she had moved out, jokingly, and to see what time she would be home. When she got there late that night they said Hi and Lisa said she needed a shower and went up to the bathroom. The door was closed....weird. When she opened it she found it lit by candles....everywhere. All the surfaces had been cleared off and tea lights and other candles glowed. It smelled like vanilla. There was Native American flute music playing in a CD player. On the toilet was a clean towel and on the towel a sweet card, a small box of chocolates, and a bath bomb (a fizzing ball for a bath), that he had bought himself! Her bath pillow was blown up and in the tub. A tired, pregnant girl's dream come true.

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